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Hajia Police to organise Peace Walk on Saturday 5

Ghanaian Police officer, Hajia Sa-ada Muhammed known in Showbiz circles as Hajia Police is set to organise an initiative to bring supporters of all political parties in Ghana together for a peace walk on Saturday December, 5 for the upcoming elections on Monday December, 7.

The peace walk will start from Malata Market to Accra girls then stop at Nima.

She lamented that Ghana needs peace for the upcoming elections, and the best thing to do is bring all supporters of the various political parties together for them to understand that Ghana needs peace and not war and whether you are NPP, PNC, PPP, NDC, GUM, CPP, we are all one people.

The creator of the new Afro-Islamic genre delivers her new ‘Maintain Peace’ single in 15 different relevant languages to not only Ghanaians but all neighboring West African countries.

She sings in English, Hausa, Twi, Ga, Mampruga, Gonja, Fulani, Kusasi, Moshie Bisa, Dagboni, Sisala, Arabic, Ewe and French.

Her basic message throughout the song is for peace to reign not only in Ghana but in all other neighboring countries who are all yet to go the polls or have already gone.

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