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Emmanuel Adebayor accuses ex-girlfriend Dillish Mathews of being a liar and cheat, narrates how she allegedly cheated on him

Togolese footballer Emmanuel Adebayor, has accused his ex-girlfriend Dillish Matthews of cheating and being a liar.

Adeboye accused his former girlfriend, Big Brother Africa 8 winner, Dillish of cheating and lying to him. He also narrated how he was being lied to and allegedly deceived in what he tagged as “Pay Back Friday”, as he claimed “Dilish dribbled Adebayor”.

Sharing a “short story” on Instagram, the footballer narrated a story of a girlfriend who lied that she was travelling to Namibia only for him to discover she was in Angola and when asked, she said she “doesn’t know how she got there”.

He also recounted how the same girlfriend introduced a man to him as her “rich uncle” only for him to discovered months later that the said “rich uncle” wasn’t related to her.

He narrated how he sent money to the same girlfriend to share to her family for their good hospitality when he visited Namibia, only to discover that her family got nothing and she shared the money amongst her friends.

He said the same girlfriend had the audacity to call him stingy and accused him of being a narcissist and bipolar.

Ending his short story, he revealed that the girlfriend he was talking about with the hashtag #DillishDribbledAdebayor. 

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