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Bright Philip Donkor: My love letter to EC Chairperson, Jean Mensa

Dear Mrs. Jean Mensa,

I’m enamored with your leadership qualities such as prowess, drive, sacrifice, integrity, innovation, proactiveness, decisiveness, attention and competence. My beautiful Jean, since your assumption of the role of Chairperson of the Electoral Commission, I believed in your ability to deliver because of how you bring industry and enterprise to the things you do.

In all honesty, your appointment was met with numerous criticisms, unsubstantiated allegations, accusations and other negative stuff but you’ve distinguished yourself creditably. You’ve maintained a firm balance, neutrality and professionalism to ensure an election full of success and peace. The work you and your deputies did in organizing this year’s elections is highly commendable. Undoubtedly, you’ve ensured that the country’s democracy deepened and entrenched.

Admired Jean, I’m trying to figure the right words to appreciate the wonderfulness of your work/duty in the just ended Parliamentary and Presidential elections. You have redefined what the Electoral Commission is.

The Commission in spite of the huge challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, still made a headway. You engaged in your duties with so much circumspection and loyalty. The Commission thought about the survival of Ghana (General Elections) in a dark epoch like this one. You were never disturbed by addressing the plethora of problems in line with the Electoral processes. This is an absolute competence and self-confidence shown by you and your team.

I would therefore like to take this opportunity to applaud you and your team for such assiduous work done. All the processes from Registration to Election day were laid bare to the citizenry. I was particularly impressed with the way industrious Jean and her team provided Ghanaians with the relevant and timely updates on the number of votes cast in all the 275 constituencies of the country.

Every information related to the elections were served to the public for fast and quick consumption. During the elections, a few isolated incidents of electoral malpractices that occurred in certain polling stations were addressed swiftly. You were sharp and decisive to identify those culpable by handing them to the security agencies. You were diligent and kept your eyes fixed on the ball!

Dear Mrs. Jean Mensa, one of the most common reactions to voting on election day was the shock with how little time the entire process took. Some people were able to cast their vote and leave the polling station in all of five minutes. As a result, the usual hassle and struggle at polling stations, the long queues with voters being overcrowded were all absent.

Turning my attention to the safety of voters, there was adequate provisions to ensure that no voter gets infected by COVID-19 at the polling station. On the elections day, adequate protective materials including Veronica buckets, hand sanitisers, thermometer guns and hand-washing soap were procured and distributed for use at all polling stations in the country. It’s nice to have the effort recognized.

You have performed well in the pre-election activities. The Short Message Service (SMS) platform used to verify and authenticate details in the Voter’s register was commendable. And on the 7th December, 2020, your commitment and efficiency was tested and passed to the fullest. Just like Usain Bolt, you placed in your maximum energy and finished hard for Mother Ghana.

I’m elated for your legacy following the remarkable performance of your two predecessors. You’re outstanding, inspiring and hardworking woman for playing a pivotal role in strengthening Ghana’s democracy. How you even declared the Election Results depicted a high level of maturity. That was brave of you. You are an inspiration. Well done, Madam.

I firmly believe that recognizing the potential and contribution of every leader and offering support, encouragement and acknowledgement goes a long way to enhance their development. Your growth and development is my greatest accomplishment for writing this piece. You’d nothing to deprive Ghana the oxygen it needed to still exist and survive.

Dear Jean, your excellent and tireless work to ensuring that Ghana’s stability thrived, has been accomplished without an iota of doubt. I’m not speaking on whim, and these words of mine weren’t scribed on the basis of mere words and thoughts but numerous proofs can substantiate this.

For without a good leader, no organization or group can succeed. And not everyone has this quality. This is because, you’ve demonstrated through the conduct of the elections that leadership requires certain important characteristics.

Your service to our dear nation, provokes an extra appreciative heart as I ponder on how solid you and your team have been. Amidst the election frenzy and brouhaha, your ultimate goal was to love Ghana and make her win. How you discharged your duties without an omission of dent is worthy of appreciation. You kept your head down, and did what was expected and nothing more.

Indeed, you have worked satisfactorily for Ghana and I’d be doing myself a disservice if I fail to acknowledge you. Your ilk of leadership is rare. You’re an excellent example of a good EC. You’ve painted a staunch picture in the Office of Ghana’s Electoral Commission. Good leaders are what make the world go round and you dear, are ideally one. I appreciate and commend the Electoral Commission and its Leadership.

This is your friend, a citizen and a secret Admirer.

Bright Philip Donkor, African Journalists for Economic Opportunity Training (AJEOT-2020) Best Article Writer and GIJ Eminence Awards 2020 Online Media Personality of the Year; Young Activist, Social and Political Commentator.

 Writer’s email: bpdonkor@gmail.com

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