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Get your SESA Hair Oil that help you get rid of dandruff and scalp infection

SESA Hair Oil is designed for people with dandruff or scalp infection. The composition includes herbs to make the hair look shiny and healthy. The oil is very light and is easy to wash off using the mildest shampoo. The consistency is thick, and when massaged gently, relaxes the scalp to a great degree. 

The oil comprises Raswanti and Yashtimadhu, which have strong antibacterial and antifungal qualities. The oil makes the hair stronger, nourishes the hair right up to the roots, and fights environmental irritants


This Sesa Strong Roots Ayurvedic Hair Oil by @sesacare proves to be a solution to many hairfall related issues. As it is an ayurvedic mixture of 26 natural herbs and 6 essential oils.🌿✨ It is clinically proven, 100% natural and sulphate free oil. It comes with an applicator which makes the application process quite effortless. 

 The oil contains Chamelipan, Jatamanshi, Vaj, Akalkara, Nilipatta, Heena, Chanothi, Triphla, Indravarna, Kalkeshi, Mandoor and Milk. These are all natural herbs in India combined for the production.

Different problems of hair Sesa oil deals with

Hair loss, gives moisture free hair, works on weak hair, falling hair, thin hair, dandruff, unhealthy hair, dull hair, premature gray hair, lifeless hair, weak root, dryness of scalp and rough hair.

Sesa oil is produced by KSHIR PAK VIDHI from India, but imported to Ghana.

It's works effectively on hair growth and beard in the space of 3 weeks. 

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