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Donald Trump claims only person more than famous him is Jesus Christ

Donald Trump has claimed that the one person more famous than him is Jesus Christ.

The US President made the remark while speaking at a rally in Greenville, North Carolina, on Thursday.

Mr Trump told his supporters of a recent interaction he had where someone told Mr Trump that he was "the most famous person in the world by far".

When he denied the claim, the person challenged him by asking "who is more famous?".

To which the president responded: "Jesus Christ".

"I'm not taking any chances. I'm not having any arguments," Mr Trump added.

"And let me look up and say, 'it is not even close'."

It comes after Mr Trump did a bizarre impression of his presidential rival Joe Biden at a rally in Iowa.

The president held his arms tightly against his body while twitching his shoulder upwards, appearing as if he was stopping himself from raising his hand.

Donald Trump dances his way off stage at a rally

The crowd erupted into laughter as Mr Trump said: “Everyone else raised their hands… and Joe you could see, for 47 years he’s had the itch… he knows this isn’t going to work."

During the rally on Wednesday night, Mr Trump said "corona means Italy" to him, before calling it the "China virus".

The 74-year-old used his son's "mild" bout of the virus as a reason why American schools should reopen as soon as possible.

"Barron Trump, you know he had the corona 19, the China virus," Mr Trump told the crowd.

A clip of Mr Trump dancing to YMCA during a rally in Florida also went viral online.

The president appeared to be eager to show his supporters he had fully recovered from coronavirus after testing positive for the the disease, as he danced to the lyrics of Village People's hit song YMCA.


Source: EveningStandard

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