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The World’s Most Expensive Face Mask Costs $1.5 Million

According to reports, an anonymous buyer who is only being identified as a “Chinese businessman living in the United States,” has requested Israeli jewelry company, Yvel to make the world’s most expensive face mask to combat the coronavirus. The mask is a whopping $1.5 million due to it being made of 18 karat white gold and fitted with 3,600 white and black diamonds. No worries, even with all the razzle-dazzle, safety is a priority as it contains the N99 filters, which are said to filter out at least 99 percent of airborne particles.

Isaac Levy, owner of Yvel, stated, “Money maybe doesn’t buy everything, but if it can buy a very expensive COVID-19 mask and the guy wants to wear it and walk around and get the attention, he should be happy with that.” He went on to say, “I am happy that this mask gave us enough work for our employees to be able to provide their jobs in very challenging times like these times right now.”

The truth is, an overwhelming amount of Americans are facing homelessness, economic uncertainty, and the continued threat of coronavirus. All while still protesting for social justice and awaiting the arrest of the cops who killed Breonna Taylor. However, there’s still a small percentage of people who don’t really have to worry about the needs and futures of others as a collective because they have the most wealth amassed. It seems the outrage for late-stage capitalism is only reserved for those who benefit the least from it.

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