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Dancehall acts, Jupiter and Epixode are ‘sleeping dogs’ – Kahpun

Reggae/Dancehall act Kahpun says his fellow colleagues, Jupiter and Epixode are “sleeping dogs” in the industry.

According to him, Jupiter and Epixode have enjoyed their time in the spotlight and are not in the game anymore.

Speaking in an interview with JoyNews’ Doreen Avio, Kahpun said he is now the “new energy with all the attention.”

“He is a sleeping dog. Jupiter is gone. His time is past and gone. If he is trying to do something, then it will be for attention. There is a new energy. We have times and seasons and this is the time for Kahpun,” he said.

Touching on Epixode, Kahpun maintained his stance.

“Epixode is just like Jupiter. We have times and seasons. They had their time and now it is my time.”

He was however optimistic his assertion will not result in a beef.

“Jupiter will understand and he knows I am saying the truth,” he said jokingly.

Kahpun has released a couple of controversial hot singles like ‘Money Maker’ featuring Black Prophet, ‘Basara’, ‘Excuse Me Miss’, and ‘Teacher’ which also featured Rudebwoy Ranking.

Source: Doreen Avio

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