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Vidoe: White cops and civilians kneel to wash the feet of Black protesters and beg for forgiveness for years of racism

A group of white police officers and other civilians in Cary, North Carolina, came together to wash the feet of black protesters while asking for forgiveness for years of racism.

In a video shared online by Fabiola Doissaint, the white members of the community are seen cleaning the feet of black religious leaders, while a man says a prayer into a megaphone to repent for their sins and historical involvement in slavery and oppression against African-Americans.

The man holding the megaphone, while praying, acknowledged that there’s only one race of people. He then asked for forgiveness for their white ancestors enslaving, mistreating and oppressing African-Americans.

However, not everyone was impressed with this. Some people reacted to the video, stating that the action of the White people was shameful.

Watch the video below.

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