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Leading Urban youth station, Live FM, is launching a new offshoot under the name LiveXtra.

The successful radio brand, which appeals to Ghana and Africa's growing millenial space, will from mid June be alternatively accessible via the LiveXtra mobile application on both Android and iOS. It will also be available via web as well as local, regional and international digital and satellite platforms.

LiveXtra is part of a diversified portfolio of a dozen products managed by the EIB Network. The properties are spread across radio, television, digital and print.

LiveXtra according to EIB Network, will deliver refreshing programming, while making use of studio spaces that excite and speak to modern radio aesthetics.

Speaking on the new brand offering, Chief Executive Officer of the EIB Network, Nathan Kwabena Anokye Adisi said today's ever evolving media landscape necessitated the launch of LiveXtra, adding it is the end product of years of careful planning.

"This has potential written all over it. LiveXtra is the first, fully integrated online radio offering by a media group in Ghana, and we are glad that we get to once again show the way."

He added that LiveXtra will play heavily in the youth space, dominating the many sectors of the market.

"We've built this for a market we have had experience in for years. The successes of the past years will matter as we seek to tap into the potential. Our people will always remain our biggest assets and we have a dedicated team of talents ready to ensure that LiveXtra competes favourably."

LiveXtra goes live this month.

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