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UK prime minister, Boris Johnson receives oxygen support in ICU

UK Prime Minister, Boris Johnson has been receiving oxygen support for Coronavirus in intensive care, a senior member of the Cabinet has confirmed.

Micheal Gove, a Cabinet Office minister said in an interview with the BBC that the Prime Minister was "not on a ventilator" but had "received oxygen support."

He told BBC Radio 4's Today program that Johnson was "receiving the very best care" at St. Thomas' Hospital in London, after being taken into intensive care unit as his coronavirus symptoms "worsened" on Monday night.

"And of course, one of the reasons for being in intensive care is to make sure that whatever support the medical team consider to be appropriate can be provided," Gove said.

After the interview, Gove went into self-isolation after a family member began displaying symptoms of the coronavirus. He's the latest in a long line of British government ministers and advisers to be forced into isolation.

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