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Facebook Challenges Zoom; Announces The Launch Of Messenger Rooms With Up To 50 Participants At Once

Since the coronavirus epidemic, video calling and virtual meetings are steadily on the rise, becoming our new normal. Popular companies such as Zoom, Microsoft, and Google have all capitalized on the need of virtual communications.

Facebook is now joining the race by offering an upgrade that will be a game-changer for the popular social media app

Facebook recently made an announcement that they are making massive improvements to Messenger by introducing Messenger Rooms with improved video capabilities. Messenger Rooms will be able to support up to 50 participants at once.

You are not required to have a Facebook account to utilize Messenger Rooms or download the Messenger app as you do with regular Messenger video calls. The only thing you will need to do is click on the link to join at the blink of an eye. Mark Zuckerberg does note that having the Messenger app will provide “the best experience.”

By creating a room, you will have the option to share on your feed, in groups, or on event pages so people can enter the room or exit as they wish. You can also limit the visibility of your room to just a few users or make the room private, where you will need a link to join. It will also have a default setting to protect your room from intruders.

Facebook will also offer users the ability to set 360-degree backdrops that will move as you do. You can also use the face filters that are currently offered as well as 14 additional filters to change the lighting during video calls to make things appear to your liking.

Messenger Rooms will be available globally within the coming weeks.

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