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Araba Sey writes: The Reality About Success And Attaining Higher Heights

The science behind success,gathering wealth and attaining higher heights has remained a difficult sport for many people. It has prevailed as a benightment or an intellectual darkness especially to a lot of youth.

The road to success in the eyes of many inexperienced people seems to have been characterized by that of either a smooth or swift one hence many being urgently requiring to get there.

Innumerable people see it as a plain sailing title to acquire or a destination to easily arrive at yet many ride against tides and break through ceilings just to get there. For most people, it is always okay to acquire some clout or perceived social importance.

It is worth mentioning that most people do not bring to mind or strike a note on what goes into the period amid starting something and ending successfully. All that occurs to them is the beauty of its ending.

The lack of enlightenment about success and the success of great people has led many to losing focus on themselves and their rightful purpose or abilities to following the dreams of others instead of theirs and being desirous or desperate to become successful overnight.

It is striking to wish to become like someone you admire but you tend to lose focus when you try to fit in their path instead of the path you are meant to be or follow what fits you. A path that may lead one to success may lead another to failure.

The cluelessness of the unpleasant escapades regarding attaining higher heights or gathering wealth has made people fail to see or realize what great people are subjected to before becoming successful. It is beguiling how some people think success can easily be achieved on a silver platter.You should critically observe that no one goes about showcasing their struggle,hustle,mistakes,failures or the great risks they had to take before getting to where they are. All you see are results.

These results are an exposition by these great people for inspiration,admiration and a sense of motivation to the public.All these are also attributes of Branding by these prominent people portraying a unique brand of themselves. Branding seeks to showcase perfection,admiration and class.

A show off of the risks,struggles and failures tends to put fear and despondency in people but the certainty is that a successful journey or story usually comes with a content of struggles,risks and failures. One who lapses always learns something new. Mistakes aren't synonymous to failure but correction to perfection is synonymous to success. A great person you see today may have spent many years,a decade or more or taken a great risk to amass the wealth or gain the greatness he or she has today. Don't be aching for overnight success.The price of success is customarily not pleasant.

There is toil,struggle,taking risks, being rejected or denied,hysterically seeking knowledge,failing once or twice or even more.Success also requires intense passion,dedication,patience,determination, perseverance and a positive mind.Success comes with a price. It becomes a present or a reward at your doorstep after paying the price.

Written By Ghanaian International Model, Fashion Icon And Youth Mentor, Araba Sey

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