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School asks pupils to wear boxes on their heads in bid to stop cheating in exams

A school has been slammed for asking students to wear a cardboard box on their head in a bizarre bid to stop cheating in exams.

The rule was implemented at Bhagat Pre-University College in Haveri, India, but after images of students with the boxes on their heads went viral on social media, officials backed down.

The pictures showed rows of students sitting exams while wearing boxes with windows cut in the front to allow them to see.

College administrator MB Satish told BBC Hindi he was sorry for rolling out the unusual anti-cheating system. 

He said it was brought in as an experiment after he heard of it being used in other schools.

Adding that students weren't forced to wear the boxes, he said: "There was no compulsion of any kind. You can see in the photograph that some students were not wearing it.

"Some who wore it removed it after 15 minutes, some after 20 minutes and we ourselves asked them to remove it after one hour."

SC Peerjade, deputy director of the local pre-University Education Board, told the Times of India the practice was "inhumane".

An official from the Haveri district told Indian news agency IANS: "A notice has been issued to Bhagat Pre-University College seeking explanation for forcing its students wear cardboard boxes while writing exams to prevent them from copying.

"Whatever be the purpose, [the students] cannot be made to wear cartons for writing exams.

"There is no rule or advice from us." 


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