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Watch Teaser: Anas exposé on how a Man of God forced a kid to eat faeces airs Friday

When a man of God pulls a dagger and threatens to kill a child in his orphanage for committing a “crime”, he naturally courts society’s wrath and outright condemnation.

In his usual undercover reporting, Anas Aremeyaw Anas and his team are once again coming up with the horrendous exposé on how a man of God forced a child in his orphanage to eat his own faeces.

This is only a bit of the heavy doses of cruelty the man of God dishes out to children at his undercover torture home. Read interesting details about the harrowing of experiences of children in this orphanage where sex and sodomy have become pervasive at the Jesuit Anas Website and in the New Crusading Guide.

The inmates of the orphanage, the exposé reveals, have never known peace as they daily suffer hell and torment in the hands of this man of God.

It is shocking to watch the video, yet it is gratifying that a place meant for the protection of children in difficult circumstances but turned into a special prison for their torture has finally been exposed.

Grab your copy of the New Crusading Guide and the Daily Graphic for the hot details. Watch the full film on Citi TV, Joy TV, UTV, GhOne TV and Adom TV.

The documentary is scheduled to be released on Friday.

Watch Teaser below...

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