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Araba Sey Lists Six Things Upcoming Models Need To Do To Be Successful

GTP super model and brand influencer for top Ghanaian brands, Araba Sey has listed five things in her opinion, upcoming models need to do in order to be successful in the business.

Araba was in Nigeria over the weekend to familiarize herself with the Nigerian modelling industry, and listed these points in an interview with a top multimedia agency.

Before listing the key points, she advised upcoming models to be appraised with whatever there was to know about modelling and find out from people who are already in it, before they get into it.

She said they need to Know what modelling is about, so that when they get into it, they won’t be surprised or shocked about what it entails.

Listing her five key points she said “1. you have to be firm 2. you have to be strong; 3. you need to be persistent 4. you need to be hardworking and 5. you need to be passionate.”

She went on to say “modelling has to do with passion, consistency, being creative, being innovative, being unique, being confident.”

She added “there’s one thing pertaining to most upcoming models; they look and act desperate most often that’s why some people take advantage of them. You know when someone looks desperate, you can find the person’s weakness and be able to use it to your advantage. So, you shouldn’t be desperate, you should be confident in yourself, you should know what you want and what you are looking for, and you shouldn’t feel that if this person can’t help you, there’s no other way.”

She said “you just need to build your brand, but if you are able to build your brand to a certain point, you’ll realize that brands will come to you. When they realize you are different, even if they want to take advantage of you, because of what you possess or what you give out to the public, they know that they don’t have any alternative.”

Araba advised “because modelling has to do with selling yourself or selling a brand, you need confidence and boldness to sell a brand because if you are not confident how will you be able to convince people or influence people to buy what you are selling?”

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