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Vodafone’s Audacious 4G Stunt Dazes Accra

A remarkable stunt was pulled off by Vodafone Ghana on the streets of Accra to demonstrate the power of the 4G technology in action. This followed the launch of its 4G/LTE technology on March 19th; a feat which received a massive vote of confidence by subscribers and Ghanaians alike.

The stunt, which involved a heavy motorcade, four SUV land cruisers and a red Audi R8 sports car, held sections of the capital city spellbound when it took off from the Kwashieman bus stop area to the Dzorwulu traffic lights.

The idea was to demonstrate the remarkable speed of the motorcade as it weaved through the Accra traffic as a metaphor for the incredible data speed of the 4G/LTE technology.

Chief Executive Yolanda Cuba, as part of the stunt, surprised a customer of Vodafone, who was awaiting transportation to her place of work in Dzorwulu at a bus stop in Kwashieman. The startled look on the customer’s face said it all, when Yolanda got out of one of the SUV vehicles and beckoned to her to come along for a ride.

Sat side by side in the vehicle, behind a packed motorcade, they made their way with extreme speed into the Accra traffic within minutes and landed at the Dzorwulu workplace of the customer.

Commenting afterwards, Yolanda said: "It was a physical demonstration to show the real 4G experience in action. In a maze of data traffic and congestion, our 4G technology guarantees speeds of ten times faster than any before it and I’m glad we were to pull this off in a great way.

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