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Youngest Nigerian doctor to open free standing emergency room in Houston

The youngest doctor in the world to open her own free-standing Emergency Room has just launched a Medical Spa and another ER in the new Greater Heights area of Houston TX – Garden Oaks of Houston. Dr. Foyé Ikyaator is a patient advocate who in 2015 went viral because she was the first black woman to be recognized in the City of Houston as the youngest to open a standalone emergency room with her husband Orseer Ikyaator.

In 2017, The Life Savers Emergency room offered over $180,000 in medical support of Houstonians during hurricane Harvey. Dr. Foyé is a 34-year-old entrepreneur, wife, mother of two and second generation immigrant, and doctor. ABC 13 Eyewitness News, Essence Magazine, Houston Chronicle, and many more have celebrated her. Her story accomplished what most upstart businesses are not equipped to do, resonate with multi-demographics at large. Life Savers Emergency Room was founded in 2015 by Dr. Foye Ikyaator and her husband.

The clinic was created to provide a safe and comfortable environment for our community to receive emergency medical care without having to experience long wait times in crowded and busy Emergency Rooms. Since opening in December 2015, Life Savers ER has provided care to over 18,000 patients in their time of need. Conveniently located just off Highway 249 (also known as Tomball Parkway) and 1960. Life Savers partners with our local police department, fire department and postal service workers and believe in the service they provide to our community.

Foye MD and Spa is a fusion medical practice that provides beauty cosmetic enhancements and general family practice services. It’s a new spin on boutique service. This innovative and fresh approach is slowly taking root across the country. Only a few doctors in America are fusing practices that are against the grain of your run-of-the-mill doctor’s office. Dr. Foyé is one of them. Located at 3800 North Shepherd Drive Houston TX, 77018, Houstonians can come in for a range of services like Aqua Facials, laser hair removal, micro needling, Omg! Shots, full-face Botox, dermal treatments and fillers, routine wellness check-ups and exams, urgent care, pediatric medicine (ages 5+) and more.


Dr. Foyé Ikyaator is passionate about saving lives literarily. Realizing a need for emergency care that focused on educating patients, Dr. Foyé and her husband Orseer Ikyaator-launched life savers in Houston. Dr. Foyé Ikyaator is a leading Board Certified Emergency Medicine Physician who has seen over 80,000 patients in the last 10 years. She is an advocate for preventive care and happy patients. An Awardee of Essence top100 and Ebony top 100, Dr. Foyé is an Aesthetic medicine professional and Nutrition Scientist.  Unlike most physicians, she is passionate about educating her patients to be co-partners in their well-being. After working full-time in several emergency rooms around Houston, she quickly realized that her true passion lay in playing an active role in the empowerment of her patients Her dream was to create a space where patients could be treated for their medical concerns and walk out of her clinic feeling and looking amazing.

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