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Video surfaces proving R. Kelly definitely knew Aaliyah was only 15 at the time of marriage

Among the damning revelations to come to light through Lifetime’s Surviving R. Kelly docu-series involves the secret marriage between R. Kelly and Aaliyah. In the series, one of his former tour managers claimed Kelly knew Aaliyah was just 15 years old (thus too young to give legal consent), and that he forged documents so they could be married.

Kelly has long kept coy about the relationship, but his lawyer Steven Greenberg maintains that the singer  was unaware of Aaliyah’s age at the time of their marriage. In an interview last week, Greenberg said it was his understanding “that she did not claim to be 15, and in order to get married, she had to lie about her age.”

Now, new video has surfaced proving that Kelly definitely knew Aaliyah was only 15 at the time of their marriage. Uncovered by TMZ, the clip is taken from a 1994 documentary and unequivocally sees Kelly acknowledging Aaliyah’s age.

“Right now I’m producing a very talented lady — a young lady,” Kelly narrates in one of the scenes, adding, “She’s 14, Aaliyah. She’s real street.”

Watch the video proof below.

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