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Meet Anita Pearl Ankor, the only female painter in Ghana and her effort to transform the face of painting in Ghana

The story of the only female painter in Ghana Anita Pearl Ankor , and her effort to transform the face of painting is here.

Anita Pearl Ankor is graduate from University of Ghana, Legon. She studied Agricultural Science and did her National Service with the Ministry of Agriculture but that wasn’t her calling as we may put it.

She taught herself painting and today her passion has turned into an enterprise.

Why don’t we hear such stories over and over and over again. It’s almost inconceivable for men to understand what it would be like to live without that constant valorization. 

“Success is now lined up with the realm of glamour, money and accoutrement which in essence have nothing to do with an originating vision but they do have to do with establishing recognition in commercial culture.

“ The power to show real women, honest, present, complex and complete is here. One of our greatest joy is working with women who are exceptionally unique in a male dominated field or industry. 

For all your painting works call Anita Pearl Ankor on +233244973919

Follow her on Instagram @the_female_painter

By Abeiku Aggrey Santana (Mr Tourism)


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  1. She Is really talented but She Is not The only one female painter from Ghana. There are The other female painters in Ghana: Betty Acquah, Maureen Hazelle and Grace Salome Kwami. There are a lot of talented female painters in Every African country. Just check Wikipedia!


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