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Ghana To Host AI & BlockChain Forum

Ghana is set to host a forum on Artificial Intelligence & Blockchain Technologies and its impact on Industries, Professionals, Work and Unemployment ahead of the major technological disruption set to hit Industries across the globe as new technologies emerge and replace traditional legacy systems.

Four leading experts in Ghana's Technology ecosystem will lead the conversation come Saturday, 2nd February at the Stanbic Incubator at the plush Stanbic Heights.

It is undeniable that AI and Blockchain are two of the major technologies that are catalyzing the pace of innovation and introducing radical shifts in every industry. Each technology has its own degree of technical complexity as well as business implications but the joint use of the two may be able to redesign the entire technological (and human) paradigm from scratch.

The Event is set to provide Industries and professionals with a practical framework within which to prepare and adapt to the immense transformation these two technologies present, a road map for skills updates for professions most likely to be affected and toolset to employability high even as trends change and business evolves.

According to the Lead Curator of the Forum, Amb. Kwame A.A Opoku

“As Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain Technology rip the very fabric of how we do business and the very Concept of workplace, professionals are on the verge of unprecedented disruption and potential unemployment.

The Ghana AI & Blockchain Forum brings to bare the Deep Industry Expertise of some of the foremost thought leaders in the Industry to help prepare professionals for the Future of Work.

Industry Captains | Entrepreneurs | Professionals | Leaders Across Disciplines and Students are the KEY TARGET demographic of MUST Attend!

Don’t get left behind by the next wave of digital business or find your skill set outdated and your job security threatened!”

The Forum is supported by the Stanbic Incubator and Powered by the Future Governance Forum. Speakers include John Arman, Jesse Agyepong, Foster Akugri and Futurist Kwame A.A Opoku.

The Forum will be hosted by the effable Emmaline Datey, HR Manager of EIB Network. 

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