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Fans praise top model for revealing depression

People on social media are praising 19-year-old model Adut Akech for revealing her struggle with depression and anxiety.

"I would wake up every morning crying," she wrote on her Instagram page (scroll right):

The model, who was born in South Sudan and raised in Australia, said that her status as a Vogue cover girl may make some people wrongly believe she is immune to life's pressures.

"I go through the same ups and downs as most people... I'm a young woman with everyday feelings," she said, adding: "I don't know how I'm still here today but I'm so grateful".

Ms Akech went on to praise her family and friends for supporting her.

Fans have thanked the model for her candour.

"When people like you - those who seemingly have it all - share their truth and pain, the value and impact is undeniable," said Instagram user Proofwithjillstanley.

Another, called Jessegenao, commented: "I have so much respect for you for being public about this" 

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