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Video: Trevor Noah visits his Grandma in South Africa to talk about his childhood, apartheid and more

Talk show host Trevor Noah visited his grandma Koko in Soweto, South Africa, and she was gracious enough to allow his camera crew in.

The comedian sat with his grandmother to talk about his childhood, what life was like during apartheid, Nelson Mandela and what he represented to the South Africans, Trevor's mother Patricia, and more.

The interview is quite interesting to watch and funny as usual. Listening to Trevor's grandmother, it's easy to see where The Daily Show host got his humour from.

Koko revealed that Trevor was a really good looking kid but was naughty, energetic, and always wanted to go outside to play. But he wasn't allowed to go outside for fear that the police would catch him and take him away because he was "born a crime".

Being born a crime means that Trevor, a mixed-race kid, should never have been born. It was a crime for white people to date or have sexual relationships with black people and children born in that way were taken away by the government. As a result, Trevor had to remain hidden at home.

Koko also revealed that the first time black kids in the neighbourhood saw Trevor, they were scared and hid because they saw him as a white person and they dreaded white people.

She also spoke about Trevor's mother, Patricia, and said the woman had a mind of her own and no one could tell her what to do. She adds that Trevor gets his personality from her. Patricia went on to climb really high in her career - a career where black people weren't allowed - and she even went on to become a boss who manages her white colleagues.

Watch the rest of the interview in the video below.

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