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Prince Harry accused his brother of trying to "wreck his relationship" after Prince William told him to "slow down relationship with Meghan Markle"

There have been speculations that tension between Prince Harry and Prince Williams was due to Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle's inability to get along. But it has now been revealed that a feud between the brothers is the real source of the tension.

According to The Sun UK, when Prince Harry first introduced Meghan Markle, 37, to the royal family, Prince William, 36, sat his brother down to have a chat about Meghan. Prince William attempted to get Harry to slow things down but the younger royal wouldn't accept any criticisms of his relationship

The credible royal family source said:

    William told his brother they knew nothing about her background, her intentions, what she was really like.

    He just wanted to stress that becoming part of the Royal Family is a massive undertaking and the pressure and scrutiny is unrelenting.

    Was Meghan the right one?

But Prince Harry accused his brother Prince William of trying to "wreck his relationship" with Meghan Markle.

The source added:

    Harry went mental. He accused his brother of trying to finish the romance before it had begun.

    The brothers’ relationship has not really recovered.

Prince Harry, 34, is said to now be very over-protective of Meghan because he was unable to protect their mother who died in 1997.

A courtier in the Royal Household added:

    He will brook absolutely no criticism of Meghan – and he is so sensitive he often sees criticism or negativity when there isn’t any.

The tension between the bothers heightened when Meghan moved to London. Once Meghan moved to London, Prince Harry is said to have accused his brother and Kate of not being welcoming to her.

Meghan was said to have wanted Kate to show her the ropes but the Duchess of Cambridge was suffering from severe morning sickness while pregnant with Prince Louis and was unable to help.

A source added:

    Meghan felt rebuffed and so just stopped trying.

The brothers each took the side of their respective wives.

During an appearance to promote their Royal Foundation charitable work earlier this year, Prince Harry and Prince William, who were present with Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle, both admitted to squabbles between them.

When asked by host Tina Daheley whether they ever had any disagreements, Prince William said "Oh yes."

Prince Harry added that the disagreements "come so thick and fast."

When asked if they had been resolved, Prince William laughed and replied: "We don’t know."

Prince Charles is said to have stepped in on more than one occasion to bring his boys back together again.

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