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I Am Just An African Village Girl Sharing My Culture With The World - Hamamat Montia

Hamamat is all about promoting culture and selling her products. Hamamat’s drive and passion are the outcomes of growing up in a community that wasn’t rich in material things, but rich in life, love and culture.

It is the same values she shares with others through her travels and social media platforms. Through her efforts she hopes to inspire people who grew up in a small village just like her to not let their circumstances define them and limit their possibilities of who they can become.

The model and entrepreneur has recently highlighted countless benefits of natural skin care products to the skin.

Her products which seek to combat aging, dryness, wrinkles and dullness of the skin are mainly produced from coconut oil and shea butter.

Hamamat African Beauty takes people on a journey on how Ghanaian ancestors, who had a rich and deep connection with the land, cared for their skin and beauty using ingredients provided by the natural environment. Indigenous plants and ingredients, used since antiquity by wise African healers, are carried forth to this day to make Hamamat African Beauty products.

The Golden Shea Butter and Safari Shea Butter are the brand’s flagship products. Carefully made by hand using ancient techniques, the Golden Shea butter has a load of benefits: it soothes dry skin and lips; eliminates wrinkles; relieves skin peeling after sunburn, insect bites, boils, wounds, skin allergies and diaper rash; decreases scarring; reverses stretch marks; and stimulates hair growth. It is also an effective treatment for Eczema, Dermatitis and other blemishes.

Equally sought after is the Safari Shea Butter. Apart from giving the skin a youthful glow, the Safari Shea Butter is high in anti-inflammatory and therapeutic properties, which makes it the best natural ointment for arthritis, joint pains, muscle aches, bruising, swelling, etc.

Another popular product is the African Black Soap. Marta S. from Warsaw, Poland writes in her review, “The Safari Shea Butter is golden. I had a red rash on my arm. It was itcy and irritable. My friend suggested I use the Safari Shea Butter and instantly my rash began to heal. I was skeptical because I am from Poland and shea butter is not common. But I think everyone needs to know about this shea butter.”

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