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Araba Sey writes: Secrets Behind Climbing The Ladder Of Success

Behind the closed doors of publicity are the untold and hidden stories of the everyday life of people especially the recognized or successful ones.

The dark,unpleasant or toiling chapters many do not publish to the world.

As I'll always say success is a process. It doesn't happen overnight.

Even though some become successful at an early age it still took the realization of an ability or potential and activating it with consistency and hard work to become successful.

The first step to success is the God factor.Putting God first in every endeavour is one of the deepest secrets to success.One of the "uncommunicated" to someone's sudden rise to success is favour and grace. Also, establishing a close and deep relationship with God.

You don't expect to see people display videos or pictures of themselves seriously praying or communicating with God. You may not see most people showing off their spiritual life to the public but behind closed doors they do so much spiritually and that's one of their secrets to becoming successful.

The reason why some or most people fail is as a result of not choosing the right field. Some discern that the field they see others or those they admire rise or succeed in is the field they see themselves succeeding in.

It's a good thing to admire people and the fields they are succeeding in, but most often or sometimes you may not succeed in that same field as them , as that may not be the right field for you or where you could easily apply your abilities, skills or talent. One of the secrets to success is when you are in the right career field.

One thing also classified behind climbing the ladder of success is seeking a helping hand. Most people may only show their perfect lives or success to the public or on social media but as to how they achieved that remains unknown. It is then assumed they worked hard on their own or achieved everything with their own ideas, skills, capital etc.

Sometimes or most often some people have to borrow money to start their businesses and pay later, take mentors and learn from them or sometimes even serve them,seek for help spiritually from their pastors just to mention a few. These are some of the means through which people are able to reach their goals. All you see publicly is the result and not the process.

Another secret is determination and endurance coupled with passion and focus.Without these characteristics you are bound to fail or give up.Successful people may not show their struggles, depressing moments and toils but they go through all that just like you do. Some lose all or almost everything but persevere. Things may slow down but they do not give up.All those you admire or look up to go through the worst of moments than you may probably be going through but their success is what you know of.

The secrets behind climbing the ladder of success are not all pleasant.You will have to get out of your comfort zone.The goal of most successful people is to inspire the young ones or aspiring ones devoid of any display of negativities or struggles.

Creating awareness of the reality to getting to the top is always hidden and not talked about since it is most likely to induce fear and may draw away motivation. All you see from them is a showcase of riches,luxury,happiness and comfort.

The reality is, before attaining success you are likely or bound to face challenges,struggles,failures etc.It doesn't make you different or unlucky because successful people have gone through that at a point in their lives.They just never showed off their failures.

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