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Teenager killed in random shooting "plays video game" at his memorial (photos)

The photo you see above is that of a dead teenager who was murdered on June 25.

18-year-old Renard Matthews was shot dead last month while walking his dog in New Orleans in an apparently senseless robbery for his mobile phone. He was shot in the head and his phone taken, according to the Times-Picayune.

For his memorial which held on Sunday, his family members decided that instead of an open coffin they would remember the youngster in a unique way that shows him doing what he loved. To achieve this, the family dressed Renard's body in his usual style and propped him up to look as if he was playing Xbox and eating junk food.

The bereaved family created a display at the Charbonnet Labat Glapion Funeral Home on Sunday which was themed around his love for the basketball team the Boston Celtics. 

His body was propped up in a chair in a mock-up lounge with an Xbox controller in his hands. Renard wore his favourite clothes, a Boston Celtics jersey and Celtics socks while sporting a pair of sunglasses. Nearby were his favourite snacks – cereal, Barq’s Root Beer and Doritos. All the while, a basketball game was playing on a giant TV.

Renard’s mum Temeka said her son liked to stay at home and only recently started to venture out more after she bought him a dog. 

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