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#NSMQ2018: St Peter’s wins National Science and Maths Quiz 2018

St Peter’s Senior High School has won the 2018 edition of the National Science and Maths Quiz (NSMQ).

St Peter’s won the contest with 45 points beating West Africa Senior High School (WASS) with a point.

Adisadel College was initially leading the competition in the first three rounds with 29 points.

WASS, however, emerged from behind to lead the keenly contested competition at the fourth round (True/False round) with 41 points after Adisadel College failed to get three questions right. St. Peter’s at the end of the fourth round had 39 points while Adisadel College had 36 points.

The fifth and final round, however, turned the fortunes of St Peter’s around as they managed to answer the second and third riddles correctly for six points; giving them 45 total points at the end of the contest.

WASS was able to answer only one riddle correctly for three points while Adisadel College answered the last riddle correctly for three points bringing their total points to 44 and 39 points respectively.

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