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‘I would Not Trade My Skin For Anything In The World’ – Kenyan Fashion Model, Olivia Sang

Kenyan fashion model, Olivia Sang has raised the issue of diversity and inclusion once more in this interview she granted BBC. Several factors contribute to why someone will actually want to go for different skin colour. Olivia did make mention of one in the interview, which is discrimination by society.
Olivia is a firm believer in ‘All black is beautiful’ and that has kept her through the challenges she faced growing up. The issue of colourism is real and still exist in certain parts of the world, and more needs to be done if we want to eradicate that perception. Interestingly, this issue finds itself in some black communities where people with darker skins are teased.

Olivia is using her platform and voice as a model to speak against it and calling everyone to love and appreciate their skin colour.

Watch her interview below:

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