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Selorm Midnyte writes: A Journey Into Nature, Wli Waterfalls.

Most often than not, due to the busy daily activities, hardly do we make time to go on vacation. This makes us suffer from “natuare-deficit disorder” a term coined by Richard Louv, author of “The Nature Principal” describing the stress, fatigue and poor health caused by the lack of time spent with nature. Its upon this and many other reasons that Ghanaian born family living in The United State of America together with Selorm Midnyte Detraveling Fotografa embark on a trip to nature at Wli Waterfalls.

The Ghanaian born family living in The United State Of America, Kodwo Ewusi a practising lawyer, Gigi Ewusi a born entrepreneur and their son Sky. They made a trip to visit Wli Waterfalls in the Hohoe Municipality in the Votla Region of Ghana, West Africa.

Wli Waterfalls is one of nature’s wonders standing tall and impressive inside semi-deciduous forest.

The path leading to the falls sheer grandeur height, beautiful and cool environment. The tallest waterfalls in West Africa. About 143metres from upper fall to the plunge pool below. The fall is made of two sections, namely the upper fall and the lower fall.

The upper section which can only be seen from far when entering the Afegame township where Wli Waterfalls is located. At the foot of the mountain where the main fall is, the upper fall could not be seen. The upper section could be reached through by climbing about one and a half to two hours of tiring mountain climbing exercise.

While the lower part is about 40 minutes of trekking through the beautiful Wli forest.

Our trekking started at the Visitors Information Center at Afegame,where the office took our information and we also made payments at the office. We were advised to carry water along because of the distance.

The path was narrow and it could only allow passage for only walking side by side.

The path is shaded by tall trees of the forest creating a beautiful serene environment and making it impossible for sun rays to reach the ground.

I briefed The Family about the number of small wooden foot bridges we will cross before getting to the falls foot or poolside which is nine. The wooden foot bridges built over nine meanders of the Agumatsa River on which the falls is located. We had fun by taking beautiful memorable photos in the forest and met some tourist also heading towards the upper section of the fall. 

After crossing about two wooden foot bridges we came across a young lady carrying cocoa pods on her head walking home with the father also holding fresh plantain. Gigi asked me to find out if the farmer will sell the cocoa pods for her to have a taste of it. Being happy as i was, i quickly asked the farmer in Ewe (that is the native language of the people of Agumatsa) if he will like to sell some of the cocoa pods for my foreign guest. With no hesitation at all with a smile he said yes.

We got about four cocoa from the man and even snapped some pictures with him.

We moved through the forest seeing different species of trees well labeled with both local and scientific names. One tree we saw that was so amazing was the common leave used for rapping food by our local food sellers.

The bridges were widely apart but the last two were much closer and as we approached the lower of the fall from a distance we could hear the water of the fall thunder as it plunges down directly before collecting into a large pool below just at the foot of the mountain.

Since we were near we could feel the breeze of the falls. Sky their son out of excitement he started shouting and singing beautiful song, Gigi on the other hand brought out her camcorder to record the beautiful scene of the place.

Kodwo called the family together called his wife and son for a picture which I did the honor. After taking some few pictures around Kodwo took off his dress to swim in the pool, then I informed him about places that are restricted not for swimming and otherwise. It was at this moment I got to know that no tourist ever visits Wli waterfalls without swimming or standing directly under the falling water.

The mountain over which the water flows down is Akwapim – Togo Ranges. This serves as a border between Ghana and Togo on the eastern side and contains the highest mountain peak in Ghana. Wli water falls is a place one can have personal connection with nature. The benefit of connecting with nature compares to the relentless pressures of city life.

When taking a step back and observing the environment, all of these pressures disappear into the grand scale of the Earth it self. Its during these moments when relishing the natural world around us, that we experience (biophilia) feeling closely associated with nature and living things.

After the vacation trip with The Family, they were happy and had physical fitness, mental well-being, vitamin D which is got from absorbed sunlight and better health, which research shows that, encounters with animals and plants have a significant positive effect both physiologically and psychologically.

Next time when you visit Ghana or you want a places of natures enjoyment get connected with Selorm Midnyte

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