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Rain Or Shine : DStv Now Keeps You Connected Everywhere

Occasionally your DStv signal gets lost temporarily when the rains come down; this phenomena in the satellite broadcast industry is known as rain fade.

Rain fade refers primarily to the absorption of satellite signal by atmospheric rain, dust or intense sunlight cutting the communication to your decoder.

In some cases, the weather is perfect in your locality but still the picture on your TV scrambles or freezes stemming from possible bad weather at the MultiChoice uplink site. Once the heavy shower has passed, normal communications returns and your picture is back.

To ensure your viewing experience is pleasant, MultiChoice Ghana insists all DStv installations must be done by a certified installer using the right tools and a spectrum meter in ensure the signal strength and quality are above the minimum accepted levels to ensure minimal disruptions in the event of weather changes.

Signal interruptions that occur during heavy downpours is unfortunately a feature on all satellite broadcast systems worldwide. It is extremely difficult to fight the power of nature, we must add that should you be encountering frequent signal losses at the inception of rain, let a certified installer check your installation or contact the nearest DStv office for assistance.

With the Russia World Cup around the corner and the rainy season coming, MultiChoice Ghana relaunched the DStv Now App and strongly recommend all our DStv Subscribers download the App for an uninterrupted viewing experience.

According to Cecil Sunkwa Mills, General Manager, MultiChoice Ghana, “DStv Now is a value-added service from MultiChoice that allows DStv subscribers to stream live TV via the App on your desktop, laptop, smartphone or tablet at no additional cost to their current monthly subscription.”

“Our mission is to deliver value to our customers by making great entertainment more accessible and affordable anytime anywhere.” The relaunch opens  the App up to all DStv subscribers no matter the package to be able to stream live TV on their devices on the go in Ghana and around Africa.

The DStv Now App is available for free download at the google play store or App store. With an active DStv subscription you would have to complete the registration in the App and then can link up to four devices to your account. Besides watching live TV, catching up on shows you have missed, the App has other features including scheduling reminders, setting parental control restrictions, Self Service, TV guide and eight days programme search capabilities.

Channels on the App are categorised for easy navigation into Sports, General Entertainment, News & Commerce, Music, Documentary, Children, Lifestyle & Culture, and Religion.

Mr. Sunkwa Mills explains that “MultiChoice is always finding and developing products and services to meet the needs of our customers. With the FIFA World Cup around the corner you will not miss a single match as we would be streaming all the 64 games live on DStv Now”.

You can access DStv Now in all countries within sub Saharan Africa where there is a MultiChoice operation.

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