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Tanzanian Armless albino runs weaving business

A Tanzanian woman with albinism who lost her arms in an attack is now running a weaving business. 

In 2008, Mariam Staford Bandaba was viciously attacked by a machete-wielding gang who tried to kill her and sell her remains for witchcraft.
She escaped with her life, but only just.

The attackers chopped off one of her hands - the other had to be amputated in hospital. This meant she could no longer earn money working in farming. 

"I couldn’t do almost everything. I spent my days just sitting idle, sleeping, and very much provided for almost everything," she told me.

But years later, a Canadian and American charity, Under the Same Sun, organised for her to go to Canada where she was fitted with prosthetic arms.

When she returned to Tanzania she enrolled in training in weaving. 

Six months ago, Mariam got a weaving machine which she’s been using to weave sweaters, scarves and other outfits.

"The prosthetic arms have not only given me an opportunity to work and start earning my own income but has also restored in me a sense of empowerment," she said.

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