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Katy Perry: ‘All the Awards Shows Are Fake’

Katy Perry is embracing a new, more transparent version of herself — and in the process, slamming a key part of her industry.

In a New York Times profile, where she opened up about her off-stage persona, Perry didn’t hold back about awards shows. “All the awards shows are fake,” she said, “and all the awards that I’ve won are fake.”

“They’re constructs,” she added, explaining that they don’t represent the audience.

Perry has won a number of these honors, including trophies from the Billboard Music Awards, American Music Awards, People’s Choice Awards, MTV Video Music Awards, and Teen Choice Awards. While she’s been nominated for 13 Grammy Awards, including album of the year for “Teenage Dream” and song of the year for “Roar,” she’s never taken one home.

Among many other topics, Perry also delved into her reaction to the election, calling it “devastating.” The pop star was an avid Hillary Clinton supporter, performing at the Democratic National Convention last year.

“It was a revelation, it was a reckoning,” she said. She described being next to Lady Gaga, another famous Clinton supporter, on election night, and holding hands with the singer. “Gaga and I just looking at each other, and being like, [expletive] it, we need to touch each other.”

Perry released her latest album, “Witness,” last week.

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