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Heart Patient Endorses Vodafone Healthline

Ghana’s most decorated health programme, Vodafone Healthline has once again received a glowing tribute from one of its heart surgery beneficiaries, Eunice Quansah.

The programme took care of all the expenses for a lifesaving surgery to correct a heart defect which had left the 30-year-old seamstress in excruciating pain and unable to fend for herself.

Like many others, Eunice acknowledged that Vodafone Healthline has offered practical relief, hope and assistance to the under privileged in society. She recounted that due to her illness, she was unable to work, walk or cook and had to rely on her mother to provide for her.

Recounting her experience Eunice said; 
“Due to my condition, I moved to Takoradi to join my mother. A friend directed us to seek help from Vodafone.  After they heard my story they promised to assist me and true to their word they paid the full cost of my surgery. 
I am eternally grateful to Vodafone for making such an incredible change in my life. I had no hope that I will be normal again. Today with the help of Vodafone, I can fully function and this is such a great joy to me and my family.”

Healthline, since 2011, has catered for the full cost of surgeries for many financially-challenged Ghanaians suffering from various health conditions. The programme also educates, informs and demystifies various myths on health related conditions.

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