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Daffodils introduce fun way to learn Mathematics with Bonanza Card Game

When last did you spend some time to play a game with your family especially with the children? What if I can introduce you to a game that is both fun and can help improve your arithmetic skills and that of your children.

We are very much aware that any kind of learning be it word or calculations is more likely to be effective through the medium of play
All the same most students in the primary and junior high levels have a hard time grasping the idea of multiplications and divisions.

This is why Daffodils Game and Publishing (Daffodils GP), an educational game development company has put together an amazing card game known as BONANZA.

Bonanza is a simple card game that involves players using cards to form simple mathematical sentences that sum up to give either the highest or lowest whole number possible.

Bonanza can be played among a maximum of 7 people and is good for all ages.

Addressing some section of the media on Friday at their office in Labone, Awurakua Antwi, Marketing Executive, educated those present on the purpose of the game and how it is helping students by way of a programme dubbed the BONANZA School Mental Challenge.
Currently in over 30 schools amongst the Accra and Tema Metro, the Bonanza School Challenge which was first piloted with help from ViVo Energy in 2016 for public schools in Accra. 
Also, Bonanza Mental challenge was sponsored by Bulk Oil Storage and Transportation Co. Ltd (BOST) and organized for public schools in Tema.

Parents and Guardians, invest as low as GHS 20 and give your family a fun time learning maths.

Contact Daffodils Games & Publishing Ltd located at Office location is 42A Orphan Crescent, Labone, Accra or call them on 0302 797 837 / 0302 797 838 for a copy of your card.

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