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Annie~Joy writes: Everlasting Joy And Temporary Happiness. #BeInspired!

A lot of research has been done about this particular word, "joy" which turn out to be a feeling. The research was done in order to know if it had an opposite word but joy has proven itself to stand alone and  has even given birth to gladness. It is everlasting and also it is a feeling God kept in every individual. 
Happiness is a temporary feeling. You can find happiness in a particular thing and later you will realize that the happiness is lost. Joy does not have an opposite, instead, it gives birth to another feeling called, gladness while sadness contradicts happiness. Therefore when happiness is not experienced, sadness takes place. As a living soul you do not need to put most interests in material things as way of being happy. 
There are so many occasions the Bible talked about joy. The Bible talks about the joy of the Lord being our strength and I was glad when he said unto me, let us go into the house of God. Do not forget gladness is inside joy and joy was placed within you by God therefore it cannot be destroyed. 
That is how come as a believer, whenever you are going through tough times in life with more challenges at peak, you will still have this unique feeling that things can get better. This comes as a result of the joy born in you. Normally, joy works in tandem with happiness. You get the job then you find happiness in it and when you become devoted joy takes over in order for you to enjoy your stay. 
That is how come even though, you may not be happy where you are yet you have joy. In as much as you do not like where you are, you are still able to make your stay there fun which come as a results of joy. Sometimes, you examine your life and you get sad simply because you are not where you want to be or where you choose to be but you have this internal feelings that things can really get better. 
The Joy in you keeps you moving to accept things you may have no option than to reject with the intention that it is for a season. You do not need to be treated special before you can be happy. You do not need a lot people around you before you can be happy. If understand there is joy in you, you can live a life by making your own self happy because it is joy that boosts you to have happiness in something. 
Assuming you have a TV game and you are always happy to be around it but as time went on it destroyed. The next feeling that shows up is sadness for the loss but joy comes in and calm you by reminding you; "it is true it have lost your TV game been but do not forget you had fun with it if not much definitely small, which is more than enough therefore have this joy within that you are getting another TV game sooner than later".
Irrespective of how long it will take, you will go to school, you start that project, you will get that job, you will surely leave your comfort zone. This what joy can do. JESUS was not happy at the point when it was time for Him to be crucified which made his sweat turn into blood. This was as a result of the feeling of sadness that took place but joy took over to remind Him of the victory after the crucifixion so he said; "Father, Your will be done". Joy boosted His confidence level at that time. I pray for the joy of the Lord for you so that you may have strength in everything you do. 
You do not need man to be happy. You can have joy in yourself which helps you to do things that can make you happy and those things cannot be destroyed. You see how excited you become when you listen to a sermon and you love it. Sometimes, when you read the Bible, you get this joy in you which makes you feel satisfied and strong. The joy of the Lord which is in you, has made you believe that, "No weapon formed against thee shall prosper". The joy has made you believe "what lives in you is greater what lives on earth". 
You cannot get excited when you come across things and you do not give in for the internal joy to push you. Here are some few things that can steal your joy; comparison, low self esteem, hatred, lack of confidence and any other thing that makes you feel not accepted. Out of these, the master thief of joy is comparison. Comparing someone's way of living, that is, the things the person possesses and the position the person is holding with yours can block you from knowing who you are, what you have, what you are yet to have and how unique you are. 
Therefore, if you are someone who compares mostly you can have the most expensive item in the world and still be wishing for the others which are not expensive. For this; there is no way joy can take place in you, may be happiness for a short while and sadness takes over, as this can kill your internal joy. VALUE what you have. Appreciate what you have and joy will stay with you forever. If you give room for negative thoughts in your life, you will live without identifying the joy in you. 
Some people are excited about life not because they have it all but because they have identified the joy in them. Listen, you are your own happiness and you do not necessarily need someone to be happy. Putting your happiness in someone might always lead to sadness. Remember, how you present yourself helps in the kind of treatment you will be given. If you present yourself as a sad person, people will come  around and continue with you from there but if you present yourself as a joyful person, people will come around to enjoy your company and find happiness with you which is everlasting. 
Everything internal in you is placed by God which cannot be taken away and nothing made by God is odd. In that case, allow the internal joy in you take hold of your life and you shall proclaim that life has being fair to me. 
A prayer made for you is that, may you identify your internal joy and live life in it. Know that every external joy can be taken away. The person you think your happiness is with can be swept away by death but if you believe and accept you are your own happiness, then nothing can really break you. 

"it is in ourselves to find our own joy"


Writer: Annie~Joy

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