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Mzbel pens emotional letter to outgoing President Mahama

A few minutes after President John Dramani Mahama delivered his final State of the Nation Address, female musician Mzbel, took to social media to share a tearful open letter to the outgoing president.

Mzbel, who played a vital role on President Mahama's campaign trail, described the president's life as "a candle in the wind".

She also described the president as an accomplished man, her role model and hero, adding that she yearns for his presidency again.

Read the full letter below.

"JDM - A CANDLE IN THE WIND It seems to me, you lived your life like a candle in the wind never knowing who to cling to when the rain set in.

You had the grace to hold yourself in these painful moments whilst most grassroots, and those around you throughout the country crawled. Moments I can't ever forget in my entire life.

You changed the pace and image of NDC politicking, your demeanor, language, humour.

You're are my model

You're my hero

From Bole, you rose as teacher, Assembly man, MP, Deputy Minister, a Minister, Vice President and a President

An accomplished man on our land. In our contemporary politics, nobody had choked that feet. To me there exist a certain STAR on your birth. I yearn for your Presidency again

Sir Piero"

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