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Jennifer Lopez Explains Her Relationship With Drake, Talks Intense Stunts on 'Shades of Blue'

Jennifer Lopez is staying coy about her relationship with Drake. ET's Leanne Aguilera caught up with the 47-year-old actress and Ray Liotta following Wednesday's TCA panel of their hit NBC show, Shades of Blue.

When asked about her new project with Drake, Lopez said, "He just asked me to do a song with him and that's what we've been doing."

"We'll see if it's on his next album," she continued, staying tight-lipped when asked about those romance rumors with the 30-year-old rapper.

Lopez did, however, open up about the new season of her crime drama, revealing she's all about performing her own stunts.

"It can get intense," she explained. "I mean, the scenes that I do towards the end of the season were really, really rough. Lots of fighting and things like that. I'm not afraid. I know everything we do is safe, but when you're acting and you're really in it, you get hurt sometimes."

"I was hit by a bus," Liotta chimed in, noting that fans will get to enjoy a lot of action in season two.

"Just continue to watch the show because it definitely gets ramped up even more," he continued. "It really, it really does. Like Jennifer keeps saying, and it's true, it's like a storm and it gets very intense. It intensifies the relationships and the hatred toward the bad guys."

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