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Dear EDB Readers: My boyfriend cheated on me using Skype sex. Does it matter?

A woman in her 20s has discovered that her beloved partner has been having online sex with porn stars and don't know what to do. she needs your advice.

Here is her story:

My boyfriend and I have been together for three years, we rarely fight and have planned our future lives together. Recently I found out he has been having Skype sex with other women (I think only porn stars). Am I right to be upset about this? I confronted him and he said he considers it as porn, but I don’t, as it is an interaction with another woman who also sees him. 

I also pointed out the double standards, as he wouldn’t be happy with this behaviour from me, which he accepted. He has apologised, promised to stop and I have forgiven him. But I am scared that he won’t stop. We are in our 20s and I’m worried this pattern of behaviour will end up with him cheating on me in the future. pls what should i do?

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