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Diamond Appiah Blasts Ola Michael Over her Cosmetics Product!

Diamond Appiah
Actress and Singer Diamond Appiah has taken film producer,director, and entrepreneur Ola Michael to the cleaners for attacking her on her cosmetic product.  

On Ola Michael's Facebook wall,  he wrote: 

"Who needs a bleaching cream? I prefer the naturals not phoney.
Don't know about you.....?"


This has provoked Diamond to reply Ola Michael with some very harsh words: 

"Somebody should tell that jobless son of a prostitute called Ola Michael that I ignored him yesterday bcos his level of stupidity n ignorance rendered me speechless. Secondly I didn't want to descend from my honourable political status n exchange words with a jobless malafaka who's source of income is following politicians around like their dog for pennies and hopping from one radio station to another to create humour for listeners entertainment. Ola what did u say u do again in your miserable broke life apart from chasing ppl around for "matches box" type of cars whiles yr mates are buying v8. Do u call urself a man? Haaahhaaaaahaaaa even ur fellow woman like me has created jobs for many thru my businesses. Now let me take a minute to educate u on cosmetics since ur post has displayed ur ignorance. COSMETIC is a preparation applied to the body to improve its appearance. The range covers everything from skin, hair care, make-up, beauty products, beauty aids etc So u posting a flyer of one of my cosmetic products to accuse me of bleaching is foolishness. Do u think every Ghanaian was born black like ur ugly dirty face? For ur blockhead information my cosmetic company has products for light skin, brown skin n dark skin so stop the stupidity. I have also posted old n current photos of myself n others for the world to see those who have altered their natural complexion. Before u start pointing a finger at someone ensure u do so with evidence like their old or childhood pictures when they were dark. Do Ghanaians a favour n get urself a job bcos I never see prominent n hardworking men like Osei Kwame Despite, Sam Jonah, Akwasi Twum etc insult women on Facebook unless Gay ass women like u with no pedigree in life. I believe I have given u enough attention to last u a decade."

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