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41,000 Depositors To Receive Claims As 2nd Round Of DKM Payouts Begins

Depositors queuing in front of DKM micro-finance building
About 41,000 depositors of DKM Diamond Microfinance Company are to receive their outstanding claims from today as the second round of payments gets underway.

This follows the completion of manual validation of the claims by the contracted firm, Price Water House Coopers, PWC. The Official Liquidator thus last week released the new list of verified claims for onward payment.

Some outraged customers of microfinance company have threatened to go to court over the amounts of money given them during the first reimbursement as they have been given paltry sums not close to what they invested in the company.

“We are going back to the court to fight this matter, take DKM assets, confiscate them by court order and sell them for the rest of our money,” Leader of the Concerned Customers of DKM and Other Microfinance Companies, Maxwell Mahama told Joy News.

Following the Central Bank’s move in 2015 to stop the company and others from operating over concerns that there were violating the microfinance regulations, millions of cash deposited by the customers at DKM, God is love among other micro-finance companies were locked up.

However, according to the Special Aide to the Official Liquidator, Jones Ansah, the second round of payment starting Monday, December 19, would focus on those whose names never appeared on the list.

It also includes those who received GH10 and GH20, he added.

He noted “that DKM staff never keyed in all the names of their creditors. They keyed in part and left the other part.”
Mr Ansah explained that this accounted for the frustrations of the liquidation process when PriceWaterhouseCoopers started the payment process.

Source: myjoyonline.com

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